Congratulations on finding us!

Likely it was just out of blind luck. We’re a small creative project still in development with some published work available here on the site or through one of our publishers. Feel free to contact us on Twitter.

What you need to know about the Frogtown Novellas

Contains violence and strong content but no explicit language or sexual content. Ages 11 and up.

Frogtown is a collection of Christian Sci-fi/fantasy novellas. It’s an allegorical tale about a forest society of amphibians that are oppressed by a totalitarian government led by Toads, which ultimately fuels a revolution.

Frogtown is an expansion of the Amphibianverse. It takes place on Corida, a small terrestrial planet that encircles the star of Mirach within the Andromeda galaxy. 

As you follow this series, events draw from human history and intertwine them with modern-day messages while paying homage to some of the greatest stories ever told.