Includes the original Frogtown novellas and a graphic novel expansion series. It takes place on Corida, an alien planet surrounding the sun of Mirac, a bright star in the Andromeda galaxy. It’s a planet of sapient amphibian beings, alien creatures, and forests. Mirac’s solar system is filled with hostile planets, strange beings, and invasive species, making life around Mirac difficult, to say the least.

The Frogtown novellas occur in the pre-industrial age of Corida, and tell a tale of freedom and revolution. It’s a compilation of allegorical tales inspired by the characters and events surrounding the 1776 American Revolution, and WWII, while being intertwined with modern-day events. The Toads of Corida attempt a hostile takeover, exerting their totalitarian rule over the forest that ultimately fuels a revolution led by the Frogs and the forest creatures of the planet.


While the Frogtown novellas are written in the early age of Corida, the graphic novels take place thousands of years in the distant future. A dark mutagen from a faraway galaxy has engulfed Mirac’s solar system, mutating the species within the surrounding planets. From this mutation, dark powerful beings emerge from the subterranean worlds, first taking over the solar system and enforcing their rule through cruelty and power, and then set their eyes in distant space. 


The planets around Mirac are governed by DAO’s (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), that compete to dominate the solar system through the control of Artificial Intelligence. AI, under the control of the DAO’s built the Megacities that span across the planets surrounding Mirac, the weaponry systems, the ships, and a new technology called the “Planet Jumper,” that’s an interplanetary portal.


Since the mutagen has caused the rise of powerful dark overlords hell-bent on intergalactic domination, along with new invasive species consuming the planets, it’s also given new power to those that wish to fight back and stop these evil powers. 


A new team of superheroes has emerged from the planets surrounding Mirac. Heroes with powers unmatched, and unique to any other. 


With the help of a rebellion alliance, some kick-ass superpowers, and good old-fashioned teamwork these superheroes band together and travel the Mirac’s solar system fighting it’s hostile takeover, and saving it’s inhabitants. 

Amphibianverse Project

What you need to know about the Frogtown Novellas

Contains violence and strong content but no explicit language or sexual content. Ages 11 and up.

Frogtown is a collection of Christian Sci-fi/fantasy novellas. It’s an allegorical tale about a forest society of amphibians that are oppressed by a totalitarian government led by Toads, which ultimately fuels a revolution.

Frogtown is an expansion of the Amphibianverse. It takes place on Corida, a small terrestrial planet that encircles the star of Mirach within the Andromeda galaxy. 

As you follow this series, events draw from human history and intertwine them with modern-day messages while paying homage to some of the greatest stories ever told.