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What you need to know about the Frogtown novellas

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Book I

Frogs Vs Toads. Battling forest creatures. Historical and political allegory. Spiritual warfare. Comedy. Adventure and freedom. Inspirations from some of the greatest stories ever told.

Frogtown is an allegorical tale about a forest society of amphibians that are oppressed by a totalitarian government led by Toads, which ultimately fuels a revolution by Frogs. Toads seized control of the government and the coffee bean trade in Liberty Forest. Taxation without representation, cancel culture, gun control and censorship are just some of the tools of their oppression- all in the midst of an amphibian virus pandemic. Jouko and his Patriot Frogs band together to start a revolution. But, freedom has a price!

In the first half of the book, while introducing the characters and establishing the story, the reader’s analytical skills are challenged a bit with pull quotes from the constitution and federal papers. The Frogs discuss important aspects of conservative-political theory and the relevance to our founding documents but also being relevant to our current global situation, ie; the pandemic.

But, once the action starts it doesn’t stop and readers can put away their thinking caps to enjoy the adventure. Important characters, battles, and events that took place throughout the American Revolution in 1776 influence this tale of freedom. It’s hard to not think of yourself as a Frog after reading this.

Inspirational characters; The Sons of Liberty- Samual Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Doctor Joseph Warren; The ruthless British General Thomas Gage, and his Commanders. This story recalls events such as the Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party, Battle of Bunker Hill, and more. 

It’s a story that’s well balanced between narrative and dialogue, and the readers are left with the many freedoms and liberties to employ their own imagination. The author challenged himself to offer the readers something that is both entertaining and meaningful but in a short format (novella). 

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"It's a wonderful, inspiring allegorical tale that is both timely and timeless."

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Book II

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Will the Frogs of Liberty go head-to-head with the calamitous Sheriff and his army of redcoat Toads?

The red-eye continues to spread throughout the forest, while the Toads continue to undergo change the true reason emerges. Will Mosstown fall to Toad rule? Or will the freedom fighters, whose flag bears the symbol- Don’t Step On Me, prevail? What’s next for the Frogs of Liberty? All this will be answered in book 2, while new surprises will emerge. The action continues while this tale is really just getting starting.

The Mule Party has enacted new critical policies making their hostile takeover of the forest completely legal. The Daily Ribbit continues to spread its anti-Frog propaganda and the youth are undergoing reeducation by being taught Critical Toad Theory. 

This book will challenge your thoughts about the dangers of government with the power removed from the people. It’s a relevant dichotomy of modern-day America between the lines.

The author begins to pay homage to some of his favorite stories in this book. The characters and the roles they play in the future of the Frogtown tale are both imaginative and epic.

Amphibianverse Project

What you need to know about the Frogtown Novellas

Contains violence and strong content but no explicit language or sexual content. Ages 11 and up.

Frogtown is a collection of Christian Sci-fi/fantasy novellas. It’s an allegorical tale about a forest society of amphibians that are oppressed by a totalitarian government led by Toads, which ultimately fuels a revolution.

Frogtown is an expansion of the Amphibianverse. It takes place on Corida, a small terrestrial planet that encircles the star of Mirach within the Andromeda galaxy. 

As you follow this series, events draw from human history and intertwine them with modern-day messages while paying homage to some of the greatest stories ever told.